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Aims & Intentions

1. INASTE is an independent worldwide network of academic and academically oriented institutions that offer Waldorf teacher education programs.


2. Member institutes of INASTE aim to provide a scientific, research-based and artistic approach to the study, development, and teaching of Waldorf pedagogy. They do so in the form of conferences, congresses, publications, and cooperation. 


3. The theoretical foundation of Waldorf education – anthroposophy – is approached in a discursive, critical and productive manner, taking account of relevant thinking and research.


4. Teaching is viewed as an artistic process. A teacher's qualifications thus need to include not only knowledge of his or her field and methodological and diagnostic skills, but also specific observational and social skills. INASTE member institutes see art - both in general, and in the form of artistic practice - as an ideal instrument for helping to develop a professional teacher's personality.


5. The idea of the development of the free individual in a social context and based on democratic values is central to the educational approach. 


6. Peaceful and responsible social coexistence and a sustainable, respectful treatment of the natural world also belong to the core value which INASTE members strive to embody in their work as educators.


7. INASTE member institutes reject any form of neglect, oppression, manipulation, or unequal treatment based on cultural, social, religious, or biological differences. Every human being has the right to education as the basis for the free development of his or her personality. 

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