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Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences

Department of Education

Alfter, Germany

Villestrasse 3 

D-53347, Alfter


Contact information:


Prof. Dr. Jost Schieren (Dean)

+49 2222 9321-1500

Teaching Language: German

Number of Students: 367 (Nov. 2018)

Permanent Faculty: 50

Guest Faculty: 15-20


Study programs:

Full-time and part-time programs, 2-3 years


Exact degrees offered: 

• Art-Education-Therapy (full time; Bachelor of Arts)

• Early Childhood Education (part time or full time; Bachelor of Arts)

• Philosophy, Arts, and Social Entrepreneurship (full time; Bachelor of Arts)

• Teaching Art (full time; Master of Education)

• Waldorf Education (part time; Master of Arts)

• Education (Practice-based Research) (part time; Master of Arts)

• Educational Action Research (part time; Master of Education)

• Curative Education (part time; Master of Arts) 

• Waldorf Education (part-time certificate course)

• Doctoral program in Education (PhD)

Alanus University is a state-approved private University of Arts and Social Sciences comprised of six departments. The Department of Education is responsible for scientific and artistic training and research, and for providing professional qualifications in teaching, curative education and early childhood education. An interdisciplinary General Studies course is also offered, as well as other courses in artistic and educational fields, geared toward professional practice in schools, kindergartens, curative education, and other pedagogical areas. A central concern of these courses is the promotion of dialogue between Waldorf education and the various streams of modern education, both inside and outside of universities. The Department of Education has held the right to award PhD degrees in Education since 2010.


The Department is composed of six institutes on two campuses (Alfter and Mannheim), each with its own area of responsibility:



Institute of Education and Empirical Social Research

Institute of School Pedagogy and Teacher Training

Institute of Curative Education and Social Therapy

Institute of Early Childhood Education

Institute of Philosophy and Aesthetics


Institute of Waldorf Education, Inclusion and Intercultural Communication 

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