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4th International INASTE Congress

Realizing Humanity

Perspectives in Education/Perspektiven für Bildung und Erziehung


May 18 – 20, 2022, Diplomatic Academy, Vienna

Current political and technological developments lend a new poignancy to the complex theme of “humanity“. Political extremism and populism increasingly question a basic con-sensus of humane values in democratic societies, and our encounters with refugees contin-ually test our understanding of humanitarianism. Digitalisation, automation, and the virtu-alisation of growing parts of our economic, social, and cultural life lend a new intensity to the question of our own humanity. The effects of human-driven climate change have led young people in particular to demand for new, ecologically responsible lifestyle choices. Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it have shown how essential - and how controversial - questions of “humanity”, “responsibility”, and “solidarity” are in our times. Many of these societal challenges are manifested in educational contexts in a highly focused form. How can young people today discover and develop their own humanity in relation-ship with the world? What forms of a pluralistic and differentiated society can be developed and realized in an educational context, based not on homogenization and marginalisation but on on diversity and respect?  What can educators in today’s world contribute to the re-alization of humanistic values?  The fourth Congress of the International Network for Aca-demic Steiner Teacher Education (INASTE) invites educational scientists and teachers to reflect with us on current challenges and on the development of pedagogical perspectives for humanity.  

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